Monday, September 29, 2014

A Poem for My Lord

I confess, I'm having a bit of writer's block, so here I'll just share this poem that I wrote years ago, to my Lord Jesus Christ. I often forget the passionate affections I have had for Him in the past, but at my best--sadly rare lately--I crave such closeness with Him that the longing for Him is equal to any (non-sexual) description of being "in love." I've not really approached such sentiments for a long time, and my love has had to be expressed through the action of living my Faith, without feelings to accompany it so much. But still, this poem captures some small picture of my longing for Him when I on rare occasion have just a sliver of insight into how amazing He really is...

My Love Who for the World did Die 

My Love Who for the world did die,
For Whom my heart now yearns;
To be the apple of Thine Eye
My soul now aches and burns.

 My Love, Whose dear beloved John
Did lean upon Thy chest,
May I, too, linger thereupon,
And find eternal rest.

 My Love, Whose voice commands the tide,
Speak sweetly to my ear,
For with Thee always at my side
Whatever shall I fear?

 My Love, as Bride finds ecstasy
Within her husband's arms,
I beg Thee, rapture all of me,
Engulf me with Thy charms!

My Love, as noble Jonathan
Loved David, chastely so,
So too may I, a lovesick man,
Find Heaven in Thy Glow.

My Love, oh please consume me whole,
For Thine I wish to be.
I crave for body, mind, and soul,
To be made One with Thee.

-By Joshua


  1. I love that you wrote this poem and can totally relate with the depth of intimacy you long for with our Lord, Jesus Christ.