Sunday, August 31, 2014

Technical Difficulties and Some Housekeeping

When I write an entry here, I try to touch upon something deep, profound, insightful, or meaningful in some way.  I try to tap into something that will help the reader in some way, even if it's only to show those of you who walk a similar path "You're not alone."   I don't know how well I succeed, but it's my hope with each entry to have written something thought provoking or affirming.

This is not one of those entries.

This, folks, is a plain ol' practical entry.  Why?  Because I had to do some spring cleaning (in the late summer!) of the blog.  I wanted to enable my readers to follow me on Google+, but that brought about other technical difficulties, and to make a long story short I ended up staying up way too late (that's why this entry's gonna show a time stamp at a ridiculous hour) in order to replace every single entry on the blog, so far, with an identical entry, with an identical time-stamp, and an identical link.

It may look like the old entry, it may be written like the old entry,
It may even have an identical link to the old entry, but really its...

There are a couple of things this means:  One, for those of you who follow me by e-mail, I have no clue if your e-mail accounts just went wild saying that I've been publishing new entries like a madman, when in fact they're the same old entries (except-they're-actually-identical-doppleganger-entries-come-to-snatch-your-soul!) that you've already read.  For that waste of your time, I apologize.

Second, some of you had written some awesome comments on the old entries, and those have been totally lost to cyberspace now.  I extend a special apology to you, and I hope you'll contribute comments in the future, which I will do my best to avoid clumsily losing.  

All that said, a bland practical entry like this one is the perfect time to point your attention to some of the features of this blog.  As I said above, it's now possible to follow me by clicking "Follow" below my name in the "About Me" section.  That might be a little more direct a method to follow my posts than the e-mail option.  

Also, just to highlight the fact, I do have a Facebook page set up for the blog at  If you're on Facebook, be a pal, won't you, and "like" the page if you already haven't?  Besides being a really awesome thing to do, it'll make it easier for you to get the word out to your friends, by sharing the posts directly from the Facebook page.

Okay, that's all from me on this oh-so-exciting topic of technical difficulties and shameless advertising.  But there is one more thing...

Thanks to you, dear readers, I am very close to reaching the "1000 pageviews" mark before my blog has been active even a month.  That may not be much compared to some of the giants in the blogosphere, but to me it's huge.  I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.  Without readers, a blog is just a glorified journal, but when the readers are actively following, a blog suddenly becomes one more way to feel like I'm making a contribution to a bigger world, however small an accomplishment a few words in cyberspace may be.  You guys  make it worth it.  For that, we should celebrate!  Bring cake!

I have officially made you want cake.  And now you hate me.

Blessings and prayers, and keep your eyes peeled for the next entry!

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